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Kabul Ediyorum

About Us

During the process that started in 1994 with the thought of establishing a unique water park leading water parks were examined and got in touch with design companies. By joining WWA congress our studies gained momentum and as a result of this it was decided to work with Jeff Henry and NBGS Texas American team.

With it s daily capacity of 5000 person per day Turkey’s number one water Park Aqua Fantasy was designed and built by the U.S. famous company NBGS.

By the fallowing of intensive and rigorous studies in continued until June of 2000 Turkey's first themed water park opened with a piratee ship, submarine, and a large children's pool with many water plaything located inside

As an enterprise for long years Aqua Fantasy,performed many firts things in water park sector and continue to perform. It continues to operate as a unique vacation oppurtunity with it’s slides, management style, service areas and sports activities.