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Kabul Ediyorum


Super Combo

Limitless Adrenalin…

Endless fun with 4 in 1 ride

Super combo, world’s first 4-in-1 water slide became one of Europe’s best designed slides. Get ready for an indescribable adventure just after a colorful start.


Your body Shaking from the speed… Unwind while Screaming

You will reach speeds of up to 80 km/h in a few seconds.


Experience the feeling of vertical freefall while sliding.

What would you think about when you will reach the end?

You will want to ride it over and over again…

Crazy Raft

Would you like to be thrilled with your loved ones without Brakes?

It has been produced by using RTM technology.

Sharp turns make thrill seekers/ adrenaline junkies crazy.

Remember it has its own lift to transport all the boats up for enabling it to be more accessible for you.

There is nothing more exciting then taking a place on a Crazy Raft…   

Master Blast

Experience the up and down thrills on Master Blast.

Not Enough?

So Let the Master Blast to thrill you once again…


All you can scream

This vertical freefall slide makes your journey unforgettable. Experience a awesome sensation of zero gravity.

It seems to return to the starting point.


Challenge without Brakes!

Are you ready to take part in it?

Start your day with the ultimate excitement rush on the awesome  Pro Racer.

Challenge your fellow riders and be the first to catch the checkered flag.

Remember you are goanna plunge head first down!

Space Bowl

Warm Summer, Cool Slide

That drops you into deep pool like no other.

Each experience will be unforgettable.

Black Knights

Crazy wıth Excitement

Make your way to the Scream of Darkness and take on the thrilling Dark Knight as you are sent into a pitch black spiral of darkness.

Get ready for this adventure…

Black Thunder

Do not let the Darkness suppress your screaming.

It might be the smart move to just let the current take you where it will. Any direction works as long as it’s wet.

A lot of heart thumping twists and turns all day.


Let out a Scream!

Hold on tight as you take on the tightest turns.

Even you are afraid of the name, you will want to try it again and again...


Fabulous turns and twists!

It is a half covered blue slide.

You will get to experience twists and turns through the loops.


What about a rush without a boat into a full looping journey?

You must not miss this experience…

Gang Slides

Do not be surprised by the size

Full of promise from the smallest moments, to greatest joy with 3 side by side slides.

Blue Lagoon

Peace and Fun are together.

You deserve some rest and relaxation with Blue Lagoon.

Wave Pool

Feel the Ocean

The adventure begins with the whistle of the ship. Take your boats to challenge the waves. You have never seen a wave pool like this.

It has 10 different kinds of waves. So get ready to enjoy from the highest height to the gentlest adventures.

Until the next time of challenging the waves you can enjoy on the other rides.

Adult Pool

Adult pool is one of the best places where you can cool off in the hot summer sun. This relaxing lounge pool allows you to unwind in the calming Jacuzzi.

Swim up bar is the best way to keep cool in the summer heat where guests may order beverages while sitting on submerged bar stools. 

Adventure River

Take your boat and let the current do all the work for you and float through the lazy river.


We create a beach without sand for you. There is water volleyball on the artificial beach.

If you want to play, just make your team ready…

Lily Pad

This place is the meeting point of parents and their children.

Challenge your friends and be the first to walk across without falling off the lily paths.

Remember to hold the rope for overcoming the barriers.

If you cannot be successful, just keep trying.

Kid´s Pool

Something for all ages…

Time of being a kid at Aqua Fantasy

Young adventure seekers enjoy plenty of interactive water games and slides.

You always remember how happy they are...

Pirate´s Waterfall

Follow the path if you do not want to be captured by the Pirates.

End of Path will be so much fun

Pirate´s Tunnel

The ship is going to run aground. Hurry up to choose one of the two way outs.

Do not think about the Darkness. This is the quickest way out.

Pirate´s Ship

Hands up! Pirates are here…

Pirate Ship has never been that amusing before.

What about steering the ship?


Have you ever seen an octopus able to drag down a submarine?

Even it is unbelievable, you will get to funny experience while sliding on tentacles.


Waiting his playmates with his mouth open


Such a long tongue that all kids waiting in a line to slide on it.

Submerged Boat

There have been so many people who want to take it out.

Now your turn...

if it does not work it out you will keep having fun…


Whale Whale Whale … What have got here?

You can recognize him from his bushy shaped blow.

Waiting for you to come over and play with him.


She came to the Aqua Fantasy with her shell which seems like a house for playing with you.


This little play zone is the best place to keep sunburns away and cool off in summer.

Kids like to play under the mushroom.