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Food & Beverage


What would you like to take a dining break from your limitless fun all day long?

All of our production processes are operated in accordance with the requirements of ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System. Accordingly, maintaining the health and safety of our guest is one of our priorities.



Ephesus Beach Cafes  


Make your all of the day’s adventures possible with wide range of Food & Beverage options.


Castle Burger


Each one of all varieties has different taste. This coul be quite difficult to choose one of them.

When you want to grab something quick in between meals and rides, come into the amazing selection of Fast-Food corner.


Parrot's Pizza


Get a taste of Italy

You will discover there is no difference between our delicious pizza and the real italian pizza.

There is no problem that a great slice of pizza can not fix

Captain's Grill


You will enjoy fully with the variety of Barbeque.

Give a break for delicous Barbeque..

That intoxicating smell of BBQ is calling your name.  Dining has never been tasteful before.

Doner Kebab

Doner Kebab from selected dishes of Turkish cuisine never tasted so good.

We offer you an insatiable taste and a satisfying presentation a completely different and indescribable flavor.

Once more you will understand as much fun as what you eat with this excellent flavor from the our master's hand.


Pita & Turkish Pizza


Pita and Turkish Pizza are excellent dishes among the Turkish Cuisine.

They have been flavourfully cooken in The Stone Oven.

It is worth waiting for this feast of taste.




Pirate's Ice Cream


Ice cream not only is favored for kids but also is prefered by adults under the hot summer sun.

You will find cool and taseteful treats in every corner of the Park.

Kadırga Pool Bar


This bar is one of the best place to take a rest and cool off in summer while enjoying with your liquid refreshments.

Amphora Bar&Restaurant


Take a break from the action and keep your energy filled with every kinf of beverages while unwindign in the pool.

Cafe Corner


You won’t want to leave from the coffee corner without drinking coffee which is giving a power even the smell.

As well as a selection of American coffees you will get the chance for taste different kinds of aromas in the coffees, different kinds of milkshakes, Turkish coffee varieties, cold coffees, frappes, smoothises and many kinds of drinks also.

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